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Spray-drying encapsulation becomes increasingly important in food manufacturing as an innovative approach in carrying functional ingredients including flavors, nutrients, bioactive compounds, etc. and release in the correct time. To encapsulate oil based soluble materials by spray-drying process; it requires an excellent emulsification property to well distribute the oil-based soluble material throughout the slurry of wall or encapsulation matrix (aqueous system, spray drying or extrusion process) and to form core material from deposition of the wall material.

With this fact, we provide the solution for food manufacturers to minimize loss and degradation of functional ingredients in order to improve product quality as well as enhance sensory experience of customers.

Flavor Powder

Here you can catch up to the changing customer demand. Our experts have configured emulsifying starch solutions to serve flavor manufacturers in delivering the full delectable taste with FLAVOTEC® D30FLAVOTEC® N286 and FLAVOTEC® N281 which enables excellent stability of oil-based flavor encapsulation.

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Our research and development efforts have resulted in a number of innovative starches
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