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The excellent absorption of emulsifying agent provides the desirable texture and smoothness

Emulsion systems are an integral part of many foods that combines two or more immiscible liquids together.  Typically, food emulsions consist of oil phase containing hydrophobic compounds and aqueous phase containing water – soluble component.  One phase is dispersed into the other phase as small droplet. Phase separation is always a major trouble of food emulsions causing undesirable texture and appearance.

Hence, emulsifier plays a key role on decreasing surface tension of oil and water due to the fact that it includes both hydrophobic and hydrophilic part. Consequently, it can penetrate into both phases and form micelle structure stabilizing a small droplet in continuous phase. With this particular, the wider opportunities are opened up for food manufacturers. Our starch solution is specially designed to act as an excellent emulsifying agent, to stabilize food emulsion system and enhance the texture with smoothness and desirable mouthfeel in long shelf life.

Non-Dairy Creamer

Non-dairy creamer can now be improved with KREAM 21 to enhance emulsion stability, whitening and mouthfeel the same as milk in coffee and is also used to partially replace sodium caseinate for cost optimization.

Also, KREAM 1516 is recommended to be used for products that need higher oil emulsion.

Fat Powder & Coconut : Casein-Free

Sodium caseinate is well know as an emulsifier in dairy products which not only provides a good emulsion but also enhances the whiteness and mouthfeel of products.

KREAM 1516 is used as a sodium caseinate replacement with no risk of allergic reactions.

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Egg-Free Mayonnaise

Stability during storage and shelf life of these products is a critical factor. EMULTEC®908, a pregelatinized starch, functions as an emulsifier. It can prevent oil separation and provide a robust mouthfeel. EMULTEC®908 can be used as an egg yolk replacer in any mayonnaise recipe.

Beverage Emulsion

Our FLAVOTEC®N201 is designed to improve emulsion stability for a clouding agent and food color, it also contributes low viscosity which is suitable for high solid emulsion.


Liquid Dosage Form

Liquid Dosage Form

SMS presents TAPIOPHARM™L8, a hydroxypropyl tapioca starch which could be used as a thickening agent in liquid dosage form formulation. TAPIOPHARM™DP3, a tapioca maltodextrin, and TAPIOPHARM™DPL, a dried pea glucose syrup, enhance the sweetness and increase viscosity in liquid formulation with a pleasant mouthfeel. Furthermore, their anti-crystallization effect allows a liquid solution to remain stable. SMS also offers TAPIOPHARM™E35, an emulsifying tapioca starch as a solution for unstable clouding emulsion.

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