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Wafers & Crackers, เวเฟอร์อบกรอบ, วิธีทำ แครกเกอร์, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร

The crunchy wafer and cracker require elegant appearance and texture to attract consumers. SMS offers the starch solutions to impart the right crispness and smoothness while also reducing cracking. We make sure you will deliver a wafer that your consumers will love. 

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Sheeted Wafers and Rolled Wafers

Achieving the desirable crispy texture without cracking due to fragility during transportation is the main challenge facing producers. Using KREATION®OP, our modified tapioca starch,  delivers improved crispness, high puffing ability, and a smooth appearance.

modified starch, wafer, เวเฟอร์อบกรอบ

Clean Label Wafers

Get crispy clean label wafer with Natura® STN. This enhances crispness and reduces cracking during production and distribution. The formulation can also be served in a clean label recipe.

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Rice Crackers

KREATION® 20CL can improve crispness texture, increase puffing ability, and also improve product appearance. SMS modified starch can be used as a binder and a glazing agent.  KREATION® A11CX can improve the adhesion of seaweed, provides a smooth and glossy surface of snack products.

Organic Rice Cracker

Organic Rice Cracker

If going for organic, we offer ORGANICA T1, organic native tapioca starch, and ORGANICA 197, an organic pregelatinized tapioca starch to provide a light crispy texture and improve melt-ability, and puffing ability. The superior texture along with wellness could be achieved at the same time through these starch solutions.

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Baby Crackers

Snack for a baby should be allergen-free, clean, and organic. Tapioca Starch-LPC is a functional native starch with a very low chlorate level meeting all the regulations of European standards. Tapioca Starch-LPC is suitable for baby snacks with the label - 'natural ingredient'.  

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