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Adding seasoning also adds life and character your food’s flavor.  We can help you enhance your dishes with our innovative starches which perform a variety of functions such as pulping texture, good viscosity, bulking agents, and also plating agents for transforming oil-based products into powder.  Now you can serve your customers food in a more innovative and delicious way. 

Seasoning Paste

The most attractive aspect of pulping-textured food is its pulpy and grainy texture. To optimize the formulation cost, V-TEX®, a pregelatinized starch, functions as a pulping agent to provide pulping texture, good heat and acid resistance.

Seasoning Powder – Instant Thickener

GENIGEL®42, VERITY®497, BINDGEL® can be used as an instant thickener. They rapidly develop viscosity and texture by dissolving the starches in room temperature water. It’s the most convenient way to prepare instant food items.

Seasoning Powder – Bulking Agent

D-PERSE®2 is a maltodextrin covering a DE range between DE 8-12. This product performs well as a carrying agent without interfering with flavor or color.

organic seasoning powder, organic pregelatinized starch

Organic Seasoning Powder

ORGANICA 128 is an organic maltodextrin specially developed for seasoning and premixed products. It can be used as a solid replacer improving flowability of the product. For the seasoning powder, ORGANICA 197 which is an organic pregelatinized starch can be used to improve the binding ability of seasoning on the product. 

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