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Dysphagia Beverage, Modified starch, Thickener

Elders generally lose their necessary nutrients due to body organ deterioration while the body system still needs adequate energy and nutrient. The most common problem found in elders is dysphagia or swallowing difficulty. It causes many severe health problem for elders including; poor nutrition, poor appetite, improper medication intake, and aspiration pneumonia.

The food manufacturer has introduced the innovation to implement the dysphagia food to have a better rheology and appearance, serving food enjoyment and appropriate nutrition to seniors.

Dysphagia Beverage

Dysphagia Beverage

To overcome the dysphagia problem, SMS has introduced HI-PERSE™ CLEAR – the functional modified starch as food thickener, improving viscosity consistency, clear & gloss appearance, and no taste and color interference. HI-PERSE™ CLEAR helps create the enjoyment of food appetite. 

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