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Molding Starch, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร, แป้งโรย, predust, starch mold, แป้งกันเหนียว

Make it with the more conveniently with our solutions. Your gummy-making process will be even better, faster and easier using our modified starches. The starches are used to retain moisture from the jelly and reduce the adhesion between jelly and the mold without affecting taste. 

Molding Starch

Use KREATION®OP to facilitate your gummy-making process and enhance your jelly product with appropriate moisture retention. Additionally, this starch solution retards the stickiness between jelly and the mold with no taste interference. 

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The Superior functionalities to help youcreate all-kinds of plant-based meat
products with the Most Meat-like experience to catch consumer’s preference.

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Our research and development efforts have resulted in a number of innovative starches
that are widely recognized in the global market.

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We are a trusted partner delivering high quality modified starches
and world-class technical support to our customers worldwide.