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How about serving the freshest and juiciest meat to your consumers?

Problem solved. SMS created Phosphate-free meat marinade solutions to enhance your meat and match consumer preferences. Our modified tapioca starch delivers excellent water holding capacity, juicy texturizing, and freshness retaining characteristics even in steamed, frozen or chilled conditions to help you serve the finest dishes to your consumers.

Marinated Meat

The key characteristic of marinated meat is maintaining even water absorption throughout the whole cut of meat, retaining the juiciness throughout the cooking process. Using KREATION®1202 increases cooking yield, provides juiciness without flavor or taste interference. You can make a phosphate-free formula with a satisfying texture and better stability to withstand many freeze and thaw cycles.

Cooked Ham

Consumers prefer cooked ham with a firm, elastic texture without purge. SMS provides starch solutions using KREATION® N-BIND, for enhancing firmness and smoothness, increasing cooking yield, reducing purge and decreasing process loss all without taste interference.

Clean Label Marinated Meat

In line with the rising demand for healthy and clean label food products, consumers are looking for meat with natural ingredients. SMS introduced an innovative clean label solution with Natura® Y68, a functional native starch, to reformulate marinated meat for a high cooking yield and juiciness without using phosphate.

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