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Mayonnaises & Dressings, emulsifier, pregelatinized starch, waxy tapioca starch, มายองเนส วิธีการทำ

To create a savory mayonnaise or dressing, the perfect ingredients are essential to give a smooth texture and glossy appearance. Our modified tapioca starches can help you create a preferable texture with a bland taste and clean flavor while prolonging the shelf-life of your dressing products. Beyond this, our specialty solutions can help you create a low-fat healthy dressing with no egg-yolk. Our solutions can best meet your consumer’s demands.

Low Fat Mayonnaise

Reduction of fat in the recipe reduces the palatability and mouthfeel of the dressing. Solve the challenge by using LYTETEC® – a modified tapioca starch and Natura R1- a functional native rice starch as fat replace which efficiently provide richer mouthfeel nearly identical to a full fat recipe.


salad dressing, mayonnaise, modified starch, pregelatinized starch

Egg-Free Mayonnaise

Stability during storage and shelf life of these products is a critical factor. EMULTEC®908, a pregelatinized starch, functions as an emulsifier. It can prevent oil separation and provide a robust mouthfeel. EMULTEC®908 can be used as an egg yolk replacer in any mayonnaise recipe.

Heat & Freeze Stable Dressing

The homogeneous texture and stable viscosity throughout its shelf life are important factors for dressings. Select the proper thickening system which can withstand vigorous processing is at the heart of creating a successful product. Using KREATION®TU10, a thickening starch, can provide viscosity along with a smooth and glossy texture.

It also resists heat, acid, shear, and enables good freeze-thaw stability maintaining good appearance throughout the shelf life.

salad dressing, mayonnaise, modified starch, pregelatinized starch

Instant Mayonnaise

For cold process mayonnaise, we can improve the viscosity using our pregelatinized starches, GENIGEL®48 and GENIGEL®M78. The viscosity can be rapidly developed after dissolving our starch in room temperature water. The smooth and glossy texture can be achieved even if it passes through high acid or high shear processes.

clean label mayonnaise, salad dressing, วิธีการทำสลัด

Clean Label Mayonnaise & Dressing

To serve consumers in line with the healthy trend, SMS provides clean label solutions for mayonnaise and dressing lovers. Using Natura® Y808 as a functional native starch for your thickening system provides stable viscosity in dressings. This functional native starch can resist heat, acid, and high shear processes similar to modified starches. It can be applied in clean-label recipes. 


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