Liquid Dosage Form sms-underline

Liquid Dosage Form

One of the most widely used forms of oral medicine is liquid. More drugs on the market are available in solid forms because they are convenient for administration and have long shelf life. Nonetheless, liquid medicines are also essential, especially in pediatric or dysphagia patients. Liquid medicines are administered to patients with difficulty swalling or cannot take medicine in a solid form. 

The necessary functions of an excipient in the liquid medicine are to generate suitable viscosity and good emulsion stability. Furthermore, the mouthfeel and taste of the liquid medicine may be adjusted by an excipient. SMS offers a variety of products for various functions in liquid dosage. 

Liquid Dosage Form

Liquid Dosage Form

SMS presents TAPIOPHARM™L8, a hydroxypropyl tapioca starch which could be used as a thickening agent in liquid dosage form formulation. TAPIOPHARM™DP3, a tapioca maltodextrin, and TAPIOPHARM™DPL, a dried pea glucose syrup, enhance the sweetness and increase viscosity in liquid formulation with a pleasant mouthfeel. Furthermore, their anti-crystallization effect allows a liquid solution to remain stable. SMS also offers TAPIOPHARM™E35, an emulsifying tapioca starch as a solution for unstable clouding emulsion.

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