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Coated Nuts & Cereal, pregelatinized starch, modified starch, maltodextrin, ถั่วเคลือบ

These rich grain and nut products are popularly served as snacks during day. Nuts and cereal play a major role in a healthy diet while the superb appearance and crispy texture can boost their desirability and palatability. Consumers always prefer a winning combination of good taste and perfect texture.
SMS innovated solutions to help produce coated nut and cereal products with the right crispiness that appeals to consumers while also enabling clean label solutions to satisfy your health conscious consumers.

coated nut, pregelatinized starch, modified starch, ถั่วเคลือบ ถั่วพองฟู

Coated Nuts

The most desirable attribute of coated nuts is its crispiness and expansion. You can achieve the perfect formulation using our pregelatinized starch, CRISPYTEC® Series, to provide the perfect crispy texture while also enhancing film-forming and puffing ability. Consumers will surely be satisfied with your products excellent crispness and high expansion.

high expansion coated nut, clean label, modified starch

Clean Label Coated Nuts

SMS offer a solutions to prove the challenges for clean label formulations via nutural ingredient. 

NATURA 265, our functional native starch solution, is specially formulated to develop appetizing crispy texture, desirable sensory, prolonged shelf-life while maintaining clean label formula that consumers trust. While Natura® Lite, a functional native starch, is suggested for imparting light crispness, good puffing ability, and good film-forming property. Consumers will experience excellent expansion and light crispness in a natural clean label recipe.

Natura® Lite based on waxy tapioca starch, its excellent expansion performs well in snack products. 

Click here to explore the outstanding properties of Natura® Lite.



Gluten-Free Coated Nuts

Create natural gluten-free recipes by using PREMIO COAT300 which delivers coated nuts with a light crispiness and high puffing ability. This solution can also be applied in clean label recipe.

Sugar-Free Coated Nuts

Not adding sugar in a coated nut formulation to attract health conscious consumers will require a change in the syrup recipe. SMS delivers the solution using KREATION®FM to function as a sugar replacer. The benefits include improved binding property and film forming. D-PERSE®2, a specialty maltodextrin, functions as a solid replacer and provides rapid dispersibility during syrup preparation.

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