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modified starch, high adhesion, เพิ่มการเกาะติด, tapioca starch, แป้งกรอบ, ไม่อมน้ำมัน

Aside from good taste, crispness is one of the most desirable attributes of batter mix products that impact consumers perceptions and purchasing decisions.
SMS presents special modified starch solutions which perform well in texturizing; providing various levels crispiness, an appealing appearance, and excellent batter & meat adherence. You can serve a suitably crunchy product.  

predust starch, tapioca starch


Predust coating is applied to improve batter adhesion and create an attractive and crunchy appearance. This application also reduces production costs and improves production yields for batter mix products. Using the S-TEX®Series can improve adhesion and prevent blow-off during the predust step, especially S-TEX®PRO and our new S-TEX®A205 for the superior adhesion of the seafood substrate.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of S-TEX®PRO and S-TEX® A205 for adhesion property.


Batter & Breader

An attractive appearance and crispy texture can be created with the perfect premix formulation. SMS provides solutions for a variety crispiness levels. Using BATTER 225 can provide light crispiness and a puffy texture. While achieving crispiness with low oil uptake with using KREATION®MB or KREATION®BK.

Clean Label Batter & Breader

Premix formulators can create a clean label batter and breader by using PREMIO COAT 800, a functional native starch for a crispy and attractive appearance. While Natura®STN, a functional native mung bean starch delivers enhanced puffing ability and reduces oil uptake.

For deep-fried products, SMS presents PREMIO COAT 233 as a clean label solution to enhance desirable and prolonged crunchiness and reduce oil-uptaking while relying on natural ingredients. 


The preferable texture of tempura is characterized by distinctive puffiness with a light crispness. SMS provides a solution using KREATION®1202 for excellent puffiness and good expansion while using KREATION®BK to prolong crispiness and reduce oil uptake.

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