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Even though today’s consumers tend to more concerned about fat and health, candies still retain their role as a sweet to please the people. With the development of innovative technologies, ingredients have been optimized for better performance and lower production costs . Our starch solutions are here to help enhance functionalities; chewy and smooth texturizer, solid replacer and viscosity stabilizer to deliver delicious treats for candy lovers. 

Chewy Candy

Boost the chewiness of your tasty treat with KREATION®BK, the starch solution that improves your candy by delivering the right level of chewiness and texture while also reducing tooth packing.

Make sure your candies texture will be suitably chewy to the consumer’s enjoyment.

Gummy Candy

You can now make better gummy candy with KREATION®A11CX  the solution that acts as a gelatin replacer, providing low viscosity at high content, excellent film forming properties, as well as a shiny and smooth appearance.  

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Soft Fruit Candy

With our solution V-TEX® we can improve your soft fruit candy texture by delivering firmness and pulping, excellent binding properties, reducing tooth packing, and also giving outstanding tolerance through extreme processes.

Gelatin-Free Candy

Open up more choices to vegan consumers, you can create gelatin-free candy with excellent properties using KREATION® A115 – a total gelatin replacer. This starch solution provides ultra-performance like gelatin at a considerably lower cost.

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that are widely recognized in the global market.

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