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Meat Products, ผลิตภัณฑ์ไส้กรอก, modified starch, ไส้กรอกทอด ไม่เหี่ยว, meat-free, plant-based meat,

Processed meat products are affordable to a growing number of consumers. At the same time, new trends are changing which products are in high demand. Flexitarians and meat-free solutions are among the opportunities and challenges for any producer.

SMS offers you a comprehensive portfolio of tapioca-based product solutions. We are able to keep pace by lowering costs but increasing yields to prevent product loss. The starches provide excellent water absorption to productively retain moisture and boost firmness in meat products, to deliver satisfaction right away to your consumers

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The Superior functionalities to help youcreate all-kinds of plant-based meat
products with the Most Meat-like experience to catch consumer’s preference.

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Our research and development efforts have resulted in a number of innovative starches
that are widely recognized in the global market.

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We are a trusted partner delivering high quality modified starches
and world-class technical support to our customers worldwide.