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Desserts, โมจิ, วิธีทำโมจิ, วิธีทำบัวลอย, แป้งทำบัวลอย, วิธีทำไดฟูกุ, modified starch, แป้งมันสำปะหล

Desserts are a favored sweet delight, which enjoys vast popularity. With a soft and chewy texture prepared to perfection their consumption is increasing year-on-year. Mastering and maintaining preferable texture throughout shelf life is only one of the challenges facing manufacturers.

SMS offers you a comprehensive portfolio of tapioca-based product solutions. Our modified tapioca starches are designed to boost freeze-thaw stability for long storage and enhance the chewy, smooth, and elastic texture for Mochi, Tapioca pearl and other desirable desserts that your consumers desire.

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The Superior functionalities to help youcreate all-kinds of plant-based meat
products with the Most Meat-like experience to catch consumer’s preference.

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Our research and development efforts have resulted in a number of innovative starches
that are widely recognized in the global market.

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We are a trusted partner delivering high quality modified starches
and world-class technical support to our customers worldwide.