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WAXY TAPIOCA STARCH, an important milestone in the starch industry sms-underline

The great pride of SMS for being the World’s First Waxy Tapioca starch manufacturer began when the new hybrid tapioca seeds arrived in Thailand in 2009.  The new waxy tapioca varieties were successfully developed for the first time under co-operation of Thai Tapioca Development Institute (TTDI), Colombia’s Centre International de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), and Kasetsart University.  SMS took part in scaling up the viable varieties to industrial scale for evaluation and selection of the best variety in the joint development.  In 2016, SMS began to commercialize waxy tapioca starch products.


The new waxy tapioca variety is amylose-free or 100% of amylopectin which allows for the new dimension of applications in various industries.  The unique and versatile attributes of waxy tapioca starch are solutions to numerous opportunities in the world market.


Multiple functionalities, to the next level   sms-underline

The remarkable characteristics of our Waxy Tapioca starch enhance food products to the next level. Its outstanding functionalities of water absorption, high viscosity, high gloss and transparent appearance are well received by food manufacturers for foods that need more chewy and softening qualities than possible by normal tapioca.

The exceptional anti-retrogradation property of waxy tapioca starch can twice withstand the freeze-thaw cycles, ensuring better water holding for tender food without water separation after heating for meal.


Waxy Tapioca based applications sms-underline

Our Waxy Tapioca based solutions provide diverse functions improving specific desirable requirements:

  • Baked Goods: BAKE-N-SOFT F1 improves soft and chewy texture, moisture retention and extends shelf life
  • Dairy: Natura®Y68 and Natura®Y808, clean label formula with non-GMO, provide unique mouthfeel, smooth and shiny texture with heat, acid, and shear tolerance. Explore the functionalities Here
  • Frozen foods: Natura® One provides excellent freeze & thaw stability, transparent and glossy appearance with soft and elastic texture.
  • Liquid food products: GENIGEL® M78, modified waxy tapioca starch, enhances mouthfeel and texture, dressing and sauce, heat and freeze stable dressing. Explore the functionalities of GENIGEL® M78 Here
  • Snacks: Natura® Lite provides excellent light crispness with super product expansion, and binding properties in coated nut, extruded snacks, and waffles.

Explore the remarkable functionalities of Waxy Tapioca Starch Here

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