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The Creative X is staffed with R&D specialists with years of experience in starch-modifying technology for the food, paper, adhesives, textiles, and construction industries. Our dedication is to create value from tapioca starch through science, technology and knowledge management in an overall business process as well as through dedication of human resources. Our scientists and applications support teams can assist you throughout all stages of product development including cost control analytics, customization, testing, tuning, ramping up, and production.


We are meeting the consumers’ evolving expectations in healthy food, plant-based lifestyle, free-from products in the global market. We also realize an importance of sustainability of the environment and the world, we combine the innovative expertise into our main agricultural products, resulting the bio-plastic bags with 100% degradation within 4 months to create Zero-waste in our environment we are living in. CREATIVE X helps develop new ways of thinking as a solution innovator including optimizing idea, products, partners while assuring benefits and competitive advantage to capture the market and new opportunities.


At Creative X, we draw Experiment, Experience, and Expertise together, by the number of our experiments on various projects, it brings us many experiences that make us become an expert throughout the industry. With the synergy of our technologists, researchers, sales & marketing teams, we assure you will meet your customers’ needs and preferences with the high-quality of product and all-inclusive service, including product formulator, and innovation training, as well as creative design for sales & marketing tools. Creative X, we warmly welcomed all scales of business, including SMEs, and Start-ups, big or small corporates to solve the challenge and help translate great ideas into reality through our innovations.