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We believe in creating value from tapioca starch through science, technology and knowledge management in an overall business process as well as through dedication of human resources sms-underline

As we strive to become a nationally and internationally recognized company, SMS has devoted considerable time and effort working with science and technology and in using knowledge management to increase the efficiency of our production processes. This development has enabled SMS to consistently produce native and modified tapioca starches of the highest quality to exceed our customers’ expectations.

In addition to utilization of technology, SMS greatly values the People and Potential of our human capital throughout our organization. We facilitate the growth and professional development of our employees through empowerment and education in order to expand their capabilities and work together toward the company’s goals.

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Our philosophy, which emphasizes both Product Quality and Business Quality, enables us to operate professionally, enhancing credibility and building lasting trust with all of our stakeholders.

SMS recognizes importance of Good Corporate Governance as a key business driver. Our stakeholders are able to measure our productivity and efficiency in an open and transparent process.

Our first of its kind Farmer’ Membership Program supports the sustainability and well-being of our farmers. We guarantee a fair price for the delivery of cassava roots through a transparent weighing and monitoring process which allows the farmers to see the exact value of the delivery.


Our sourcing team visits the farms every day to offer technical advice, share the best cultivation practices and help during the harvest. We extend our support by also providing scholarships to our farmers’ family member to support our communities through educational achievement

At SMS we also work closely with many public sector organizations. We frequently collaborate with national and academic researchers in order to develop the country’s agricultural knowledge base and support the improved commercialization of Thai agricultural products.

Preserving a healthy and sustainable natural environment in the communities we operate is one of our key concerns. We not only comply with international standards but also seek to actively contribute to the stewardship of the natural environment in and around our communities with programs such as regrow a Forest that promotes mutual long-term sustainability.

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To be a Global Leader of Innovative Tapioca Starch Solution Trusted Partner


Value Creation is Our Mission

Our values

  • Adherence to Integrity Honest integrity is the lifeblood of SMS and has been our guiding principle since day one.
  • Individual Wisdom We start the day with the question - Why I do what I do? This is the basis of each individual’s wisdom on insightful judgement cultivated through life-long learning and realization.
  • Dedicated to Innovation Our experienced team of innovators is consistently finding novel ways to add value to tapioca products and creating innovations that contribute to Thai agricultural development.